Why Rebel?

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Why Rebel

You’re looking in the mirror and you’re thinking that you want to get a bit fitter, maybe tone up a little. But even the thought of it makes you groan. The motivation part is hard!

The weathers a bit more appealing though and you think you might like to train outside… you know, step it up a gear.

Maybe running… encourage a few friends to come along too. Running seems like a good option…but it’s running. You try and get your friend to come but before you know it you’ve ended up at ‘Rev de Cuba’ for drinks… again… We’ve been there.

Your friend once told you about that Squat challenge. What was that again?? 1000 squats a day?  Yep, that seems achievable… Wait what’s a squat again?

Your plan then starts to look something like this.

6am wake up and go for a jog. Come home and have that healthy shake that Joe Wicks told you about, followed up with a lunchtime yoga class and maybe an evening walk.

Now that’s not a bad plan and if you can keep that up, you’ll be laughing but in reality, that’s a difficult plan to stick to. Even setting yourself a target of running 3x a week can be challenging.

How can we help

Training should never have to be that complicated. Our theory is that if you’re thinking too hard about it, then there’s probably a better way to do it!

We aim to make our training sessions engaging, social and fun. We want you to look forward to coming down to one of our sessions. It could be for the social side, to catch up with friends or to talk about the event/trip you’ve got planned for the weekend. A walk up a local mountain, a cruise on some bikes, a skateboard, swim, run, coffee, pint, adventure.

We just want to do cool things with cool people.

Life’s about the adventure and before you know it exercise and activity just becomes a daily routine. Today my day consisted with a trip down to Balmedie for some beach training that ended up with us splashing in the sea, a quick stop for lunch at a local café and finally a trip to Inverurie Trampoline Park for a bounce.

Next weekend there are 30 of us heading over to Harris and Skye… because why not! We live in a beautiful part of the world. Let’s make the most of it!

The last thing we want you to worry about is how fit you are

Training is never easy, and it involves you putting yourself outside of your comfort zone but we promise to help support you at every step. We want you to settle in as quickly as possible as that’s when you start to see results. All the sessions are run so you can push yourself as hard as you feel comfortable with. You never have to keep up with anybody and you are never expected to either. We will push you and encourage you to work hard but it will always be in a positive and motivational way.

Check out this blog to see what you can expect at your first rebel training session

It is important to us that you guys get the most out of Rebel. It is your club and we want you to feel like that too.

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Rebels in Westburn
What our Members Say

We asked some of our members what was Rebel to them. Here’s what they said. You can read more here

Tracy (Westhill)

Rebel is amazing.  I wished I had joined years ago. The classes are very motivational and hard work but fun !!  When I did the first trial class,  I honestly thought I would never manage but I did and It made me all the more determined to try really hard the next time

Angela (Westhill)

Joining rebel pt has been fantastic for me it combines my passion for fitness and the outdoors. There is never a dull moment Boot camp is fast, fun and always varied. The Rebel family inspire, encourage and support each other to try new things

Flora (Westburn)

Rebel has become a really important part of my life! It’s an amazing way of improving fitness for whatever the goal is, but also a huge circle of lovely people. The sessions are great and I’m always pushed to my limits, absolutely everyone is friendly and supportive. The extra activities mean you get to try new things and get to know people better

Jess (Westburn)

I can’t imagine not going to Rebel, which illustrates the huge difference it has made to my life. Rebel has increased my social circles and made me believe that I can achieve anything I set out to.

Siobhan and Grant;

Most welcoming group of people you can meet because it’s a great laugh and everyone is sound as @&#*.

Tracy (Cults):

I came for the solid workouts but I stayed because of the fabulous people

Want to try it?

We’d love to have you along for a free trial. You can find out what parks we train in here and sign up for a free trial here.

Hopefully see you at training soon :)