What to expect at your first Rebel PT session

Glack Attack Rebel Style

We understand that it can be nerve wrecking signing up for your first boot camp session. You’ve maybe never done anything like this before, you don’t know anyone, it’s cold (raining, muddy, grey, windy….) and you have heard rumours about boot camps like these before…

The good news is that isn’t us!

When you sign up for a free trial at Rebel PT, you will receive a message from one of the trainers looking forward to having you come along to the session. They are also there to answer any questions or address any pre-training fears you may have. It’s a good idea to let them know when you are planning on popping down for your free trial too.

Feedback from a Rebel after they signed up:

“the hardest bit was getting down to the session, when I arrived I felt very welcome and was introduced to some of the members before the session started too”

“…the hardest bit is getting down to the session…”

We get this too! There are days when it’s very tempting to stay at work that little later or remember you have to nip to the shops on the way home instead of going to bootcamp… but we promise though that when you arrive you will be greeted with a smile and made to feel welcome; and you definitely won’t regret the workout.

A session is all run at your own pace so you can speed up and slow down as much as you feel comfortable. We work really hard to create a supportive atmosphere from both the trainers and the members and there will often be partner work and team drills where you can work together.

You survived!

When you reach the end of your first session, you might be feeling sore, you’ll most likely be muddy and sweaty but you will not regret your decision! Stairs definitely won’t be your friend for the next few days but you did it! You are awesome. Your trainer will chat with you at the end of the session and explain a bit more about how Rebel PT works and the sort of events and training sessions we run.

What’s next…

That’s up to you! Hopefully, you enjoyed the session and can see the benefits it could bring to your lifestyle and training or maybe liked the sound of the events we run? You will get a follow-up email after the session explaining how the process of signing up works and you can give any feedback you have or ask for the support you feel you may need to help get the most out of being a member of the Rebel PT community. Your trainer will be happy to help you. If you are interested then great, if not no problem at all but we do appreciate the feedback either way.

It is the members that make Rebel PT the awesome community it is, so any feedback you have to help us make that experience better for anyone then we are always interested in hearing it.

You can sign up for a free trial here or if you have any question get in touch with us! #RebelLife