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Hey! We’re the RebelPT team. Meet the trainers!

Meet the RebelPT trainers

Meet Tom!

Our Rebel Founder and the Original Trainer, Tom hails from Aberdeen, Scotland but spent time in London after his degree.

It was this big city, office-driven life that led him to come home and start RebelPT in 2012. Long hours in an office and limited time for training or sports, RebelPT was born from the ethers of childhood memories – remember how much fun you could have just running around, playing football, cycling with your friends, rounders in the park?

Tom quickly quit his office job, re-trained (in the same facility as some of the 2012 British Olympic team no less!) and moved back to Aberdeen to launch RebelPT; he now runs the Westhill and Westburn bootcamp sessions. Leading by example Tom enjoys football, cycling, swimming, tennis, windsurfing, snowboarding and is currently working on his Olympic lifts in the gym.

Rebel Fact: Tom qualified for the Scottish Aussie Rules team in 2014 and travelled to Madrid, Spain for the tournament.

Meet Alice!

After two years travelling the world Alice decided it was time for her to sort out her brother, Toms, paper work and get stuck into Rebel PT.  From elephant riding, diving in Malaysia, paragliding in Chile, to skydiving and bungee jumping in Australia; Alice took to her travelling lifestyle with her usual zest for life which she has now thrown into #RebelLife organising all sorts of events for the Rebels to take part in.

Alice is a qualified group trainer, PT and pre/post natal trainer for nearly 5 years now and is responsible for our uber-packed Rebel events calendar. Alice has also trekked through the Lord of the Rings Mountains in New Zealand, she has recently completed her first half ironman, plays for a local volleyball team and enjoys hill walking and cycling, alongside bootcamp and running. Rebels pack it all in!

Rebel Fact: Alice challenged herself to compete in a Tough Mudder event in every country – so far, she has done Australia, England, Scotland, USA, Ireland and recently completed her 10th Tough Mudder in Dubai!

Meet Eilidh!

Eilidh runs the Wednesday Hazelhead Park Prams in the Park class and is the support Trainer at the Friday Prams in the Park class, she joined Rebel PT PITP in January 2016 when her daughter was two months old and had heard about the prams classes by seeing them train whilst walking her daughter!

Eilidh has always been into fitness, but gave up her gym membership not long after joining Rebel PT, her inspiration for becoming a Personal Trainer was the other Prams in the Park trainers and the classes! Eilidh explains: “the group became my support network and I wanted to give back to other mums what Rebel had given to me, fitness, friendship and fun!”

Eilidh has a Sports and Exercise degree and recently qualified as a level two Trainer and is currently working towards her level three qualifications.

Rebel Fact: Having previously completed Tough Mudder, a sprint triathlon and the New York Marathon, Eilidh is working on her running outwith Rebel PT classes and wants to challenge herself in those disciplines next year. She’s also been known to drink a pint in 4 seconds.

Meet Calum!

Living the #RebelLife wasn’t enough for Calum; he took his HNC in Sport Coaching and Developing, alongside a certificate in fitness instructing and only went and joined our team of trainers!

Calum spends a lot of his time playing rugby with Grammar rugby club which play at the highest level in the North East. That is where his main passion lies however he also enjoys going to the gym, weightlifting, outdoor training and is currently working on his own home gym set-up! Joining our team, Calum will run the Duthie Park and Cults bootcamp sessions as well as train one-on-one clients.

Rebel Fact: Calum has spent six months in New Zealand playing rugby.

Meet Nicola!

Nicola has trained with Rebel PT for just over three years and after completing her level 2 (Group Training) and 3 (Personal Trainer) qualifications, she joins the team as a Rebel Trainer. Nicola will be on hand for some of the busier Rebel bootcamp sessions as a second trainer and is also starting a new bootcamp class on a Friday morning in Westhill from November 2016.

A Westhill local since she was a child, Nicola has been running for many years, but entered her first race six years ago. After three half marathons, Nicola turned her attention to shorter distances and more speed work, although that elusive 26.2 still beckon! Passionate about HiiT training,  Nicola found this form of training more enjoyable and suited the time she has for training around her family life. Nicola has completed two Tough Mudder events with the Rebel PT team and taken part in the local Beast Race and Glack attack mud obstacle events too.

Rebel fact: Nicola was placed second in her age category for the 5k RunGarioch and first place in her age category at the Dunecht Dash 5k

Meet Grant!

Grant has been a Personal Trainer for almost two years and it was his passion for running and helping people improve their lives that got him into the PT business.

Grant is a Rebel PT Trainer at the Duthie Park and Westburn park bootcamp sessions and joined the crew after Chief Tom contacted him and asked after seeing his active Instagram account. Grant is very keen on outdoor living and enjoys hillwalking too – when he isn’t running that is!

Outwith Rebel PT, Grant has some PT clients at the Pure Gym in Kittybrewster and he does a lot of running too – mainly 5 and 10ks, although 5k is by far his favourite discipline.

Rebel fact: Grant has climbed Kilimanjaro and would like to complete all the Munros at some point in the future!

Meet Lynn!

Aside from training in Westhill when she can, Lynn runs Prams in the Park classes in Duthie Park on a Thursday and at Hazelhead Park on a Friday morning.

Lynn joined Rebel PT in 2014 after seeing someone commenting on a photo on Facebook from a Prams in the Park class, she started classes in May 2014 after her first child and was hooked after one session! After maternity leave, back-to-work and a second baby (*contrary to what her husband thinks, Lynn did not have a second child just to go back to Prams…) she decided not to go back to her full time job as a PE teacher and got involved in Rebel PT instead.

She has a degree in Sports Science, a PGDE in Physical Education and level two Personal Training Qualification.

Rebel fact: Lynn’s big love is netball and she plays as well as umpires the game. She has completed a few 10k races and half marathons, alongside standard Rebel muddy obstacles races. Did you know that Lynn represented Scotland for netball at U17, U19 and U21 level? 

Meet Yvonne!

After being a stay at home mum for more years than she cares to admit, Yvonne got her fitness instructor qualifications in 2018 and soon joined the RebelPT team. Knowing how important exercising has been for her personally, she is passionate about the Prams in the Park sessions for not only fitness but mental health of parents of young children.

She loved taking the Duthie Park PitP sessions so much that she’s now also bringing the RebelPT experience to Stonehaven!

Yvonne enjoys the challenge of obstacle course racing & has taken part in a large variety over the last few years. Spartan being the toughest she has ever done and Banchory Beast being the most fun to complete with friends.  She’s looking forward to taking part in her first event as part of team RebelPT.