Rebel Stories: Meet Elizabeth and how she got out of her comfort zone at Rebel

We aren’t all marathon runners. We especially aren’t all sane. But Rebel is great at providing a strong, encouraging community for all, whatever their physical or mental health, as well as the chance for everyone to achieve goals they previously thought out of reach. Sometimes what’s out of reach is just your toes but reaching them is a game-changer.

We wanted to shine our spotlight on Elizabeth.

It took Elizabeth a while to pluck up the courage to come along to our Westhill bootcamp, but we are so glad she finally did. Her reasons for joining, and sticking with us, shine an important light on the benefits of exercise on both our physical and mental health. She’s fond of some back-chat and her Facebook posts in our Members group are equal parts encouraging and hilarious and we certainly benefit from having Elizabeth as part of our gang.

We asked her some questions about what Rebel means to her. She really opened up on what Rebel means to her while also giving us an amazing blow by blow account of a Saturday bootcamp as seen through her eyes.

What does Rebel mean to you?

Rebel means; outdoors; fun; pain; laughter; pushing comfort zones; friendship; getting so wet you can’t get any wetter; achieving more than you thought you could; trying new things; grass cuttings in your underwear; sand in your trainers; a smile on your face (at least when you’re done, if not when you are taking part)

What do you get out of it?

All of the above plus sanity. I’ve suffered from depression for longer than I care to remember. For years I was told that exercise was good for depression and I knew that, I used the cycle a lot and that was great for my mental health. But, the problem is that the depression fools you into thinking you don’t want to do anything!  If you try to exercise alone, the black dog holds you back. Joining Rebel has given me a group that I want to be part of. I miss the Rebels if I don’t go, and I notice a drop in my mental well-being if I skip a couple of weeks.  The support I get from Tom and the other trainers means I come back and don’t let the depression get too strong a hold of me.

Is Rebel what you expected before you joined?

Well, my very good friend, Sam Leys, tried to get me to go for years before I finally joined. I always claimed not to have time, but in truth, I worried that I wasn’t fit enough and would make a fool of myself.  Well, I do make a fool of myself every week, but no one cares, least of all me. It’s not like a gym class, there are no mirrors and no one is judging you. As for not being fit enough, it doesn’t matter, you go at your own pace and that pace is getting a wee bit faster all the time.

What’s your favourite part of being involved with Rebel?

No two sessions are the same. The Rebel trainers mix it up, so one week you’re swinging kettlebells and the next you’re boxing. They always manage to fit burpees in though. Every. Blooming. Week!

I love being a Rebel and being part of this amazing big gang of crazy nutters.


We absolutely notice the hard work Elizabeth puts in and the improvements that come from that and love being able to celebrate them with her. Our members are a varied bunch, all pushing themselves and achieving big things.

A good reminder to celebrate everyone’s successes. Is there even such a thing as a small success?

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A Saturday morning at Rebel