Diary of a Rebel aged 45 and 2 thirds

So what does bootcamp look like for our Westhill member Elizabeth? Keep on reading and find out just what she goes through before, during and after her Saturday morning Rebel Session. 

Saturday 22 June 19, 07:30
The alarm goes off and it seems VERY early. I returned from a work trip to Berlin late last night at which point getting up for bootcamp seemed like a good idea… I hit snooze, once… The alarm goes off again. I’m hungry so I get up and make porridge telling myself that if I don’t feel like going after that, I won’t go. But I’m awake now and the sun is shining, so I fill my water bottle and head out to Westhill for bootcamp. Here we go.

Saturday 22 June 19, 09:00
I’m at Denman park and there’s a good turn out, but no Tom the trainer. Saturday morning is normally Tom, ably assisted by Rash, but today the part of Tom is played by his sister, Alice. All the rebel trainers have their own styles. Tom is nice, easy-going, easily distracted and useless with a stopwatch or counting. If you hit Westhill on a Friday morning, you get Nicola. Nicola is the queen of form and I give her full credit for the fact that I can now do a power jack. At Duthie Park you’ll find the dynamic duo of Callum and Grant. Callum doesn’t let you away with anything, he just smiles and says “come on Elizabeth, you can run further than that” and for some reason, I do. Maybe he’s a Jedi? Alice is all bubbly and smiley and can normally be found in Edinburgh these days. Don’t let that smile fool you. I call her the smiling assassin!  She smiles sweetly at you whilst putting you through hell. A nice cheery “you’re smashing it” distracts you from the 100 burpees she is covertly getting you to do. After a week of beer and bratwursts I needed Tom. I got Alice.

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Saturday 22 June 19, 09:15
Ok, I made it through the warm up, that wasn’t too bad!

Saturday 22 June 19, 09:30
Trying to hold a plank whilst my partner lunges out to the cone and back. “You’re smashing it Elizabeth” I hear Alice cry. I want to smash her! I tell her I miss Tom. She looks pleased.

Saturday 22 June 19, 09:55
“Ok folks, just a quick stretch and then we’re done”

Music to my ears. But then, something amazing happens. Going through the usual stretches and Alice says “bend one leg in, stretch the other leg out and grab your toes” I get into the position and reach over, not expecting to reach my toes but… oh my god! I’ve got them!!! For the first time ever I have managed to bend enough to reach my toes. And I did it again on the other leg!!!

Saturday 22 June 19, 10:30
My husband thinks I’ve finally flipped! As soon as I got home from bootcamp I made him come out to the garden to take a photo of me in the stretch, touching my toes! Did I mention that I can touch my toes now? I had to share the photo on Facebook so that all my Rebel buddies could see. One of my favourite things about Rebel is the support we all give each other, and the reaction to my photo didn’t disappoint. There are Rebels running marathons and doing iron man competitions, but they celebrate all the victories be it 26 long miles or 5 little toes!

Monday 24 June 19, 22:00
I didn’t make it to bootcamp tonight as I had promised to collect my sister from the train station at seven. But I’m off to Edinburgh with work tomorrow so I think I’m going to head out to Leith Links for bootcamp in the evening, I miss Alice…

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We asked Elizabeth some questions about her experience and time at Rebel. She speaks honestly about how she steps out of her comfort zone and has gotten stuck into everything Rebel has to offer. We love how far she has come and love having her as part of the team:

I finally joined. I always claimed not to have time, but in truth, I worried that I wasn’t fit enough and would make a fool of myself. Well, I do make a fool of myself every week, but no one cares, least of all me. It’s not like a gym class, there’s no mirrors and no one is judging you. As for not being fit enough, it doesn’t matter, you go at your own pace and that pace is getting a wee bit faster all the time.

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