The Rebel Munro Hiking Adventure 2019

Hiking & Wild Camping!! 

A blog from die-hard Rebel and our resident hiking & Munro expert Robyn. 

A few of us have noticed that Rebels like the great outdoors, challenges, hanging out with cool people in cool places and getting away from everyday life!

With this in mind we are planning a few new adventures this year. 2019 will combine hikes, nights under the stars, trails and maybe some wild swimming.

The premise is that we hike out (maybe under headtorch) on a Friday night or Saturday morning to a spot, make camp and then head off on an adventure.  Venues will have scope for trails (hiking or running) / Munro hikes and maybe a cheeky dip. We will then camp out under the stars and enjoy cooking in the open and maybe a cheeky dram … sleep and repeat then home!

What is wild camping?

Wild camping may sound scary but it really isn’t!  I did my first solo wild camp by accident. I’d planned to stay at a bothy … got to my destination early …. saw that the weather was good and that there was an amazing spot an hour further on up on the final ridge to a munro summit … so I hiked on up … pitched the tent … bagged the summit and then curled up for a windy nights kip.  Waking up at 4am ish to brilliant sunshine on top of the world (well not quite but at almost Munro height with views down to the Larigh Ghru and across to Ben Macdui) still rates as one of my top moments outdoors!

So with this in mind here’s a link to some wild camping tips from the master microadventurer Alastair Humphreys

His concept of packing simply is a good one …. there’s been many a trip where I wish I’d packed with others and agreed who’d take what or that I’ve got home from realising I didn’t use half the stuff I took.  It’s about living simply and escaping for a night or two. As we will be out on arranged dates rather than weather spotting the plan will be to team up and be equipped with tents. We may also be near bothys to use as a base.  These are amazing refuges that are largely maintained by the MBA. There’s a well-established etiquette to using them which you can have a nosey at here –

Want to find out more?

Grab me at bootcamps to chat about gear (apologies in advance if I then don’t shut up!) or message with any queries!

Click here to see the 2019 Munro Plan

A bit about Robyn,

Captain of adventure, she can often be found in the hills or sea. She is a keen sailor and teaches around the UK. Robyn has been training with Rebel for 3 and a bit years apart from a small break in 2016 to sail across the Atlantic followed by some time pretending to be a Pirate in the Caribbean …..

Robyn has been responsible for helping Rebels conquer 12 Munros in 12 months, some of the most scenic Munros, the 3 Highest peaks in the UK and this year the challenge is wild camping and Bothys