When a Rebel meets a Yogi

It’s Yoga month at Rebel PT! Which is basically our way of introducing you Rebels to either something new or helping you incorporate some of the elements you are already familiar with of yoga, into your training.

We’ve teamed up with a number of Yogi’s in and around Aberdeen to help put together a series of stretch and mobility routines to loosen off hips, backs, hamstrings and calf muscles.

Rebel Chief Tom, talks use through why he chose yoga and how he adds some of the stretches into his training: “Flexibility, mobility and stretching? I definitely need to do that more… is the number one most common answer I hear from 90% of people when the topic comes up at bootcamp! Not going to lie – I am definitely in the same boat. My body hurt, felt tight and restricted and it absolutely affected not just my training but my recovery too!”

“Recently I’ve forced myself to go to more yoga classes as it is a way to address the fact that I don’t spend enough time stretching or foam rolling. It is not glamorous as I’m more steel pipe than stretch armstrong, but it has already made a positive difference to the way I feel.”

These flexibility and mobility routines will help you see improvements in your training, which in turn will have a positive impact on your training goals. You will be able to move better and most importantly it will reduce your risk of injury… just as well, as Rebels definitely hate slowing down!

You’ll learn some routines from Pam via video, which will work on the hamstrings and calves. Ali Mathers –  marathon runner, psychologist and yoga instructor in Run4It, will be helping with hip mobility and share some stretches for post-run and Soulfully Suzi will be running a Rebel-PT-only yoga class on Friday, 27th April. Sign up via the event page in the Rebel Private Page or email Alice.

Namasté Rebels! #RebelLife