What’s the story Rebel Prams Mum? (part 1)

Legit, one of the awesome things about the Rebel PT community is that you guys all bring something different to the table! A story, a talent, a goal, a job, sense of humour… especially the Rebel PT Prams in the Park crew,  who take work/life/training balance to a whole new level and usually pushing a pram at the same time too.

We asked three of the Prams mums about their lives and in this three-part blog series you’ll be able to read about them (in their own words). We have the working mum, the stay at home mum and the studying-whilst-working mum! Get in touch with any questions or comments or ask the mums at the next bootcamp! Usually found in the coffee shop after a session or having a picnic.

The first Q&A is with Rebel Prams in the Park mum,  Elspeth who went back to work after having Kate.

How old was Kate when you went back to work?

10 months

What did you study and what’s your occupation?

Studied Chemistry with Pharmaceutical and Forensic science and I am now a chartered accountant working as an auditor.

What are your working hours?

Monday to Thursday 7.30 until 4 (flexible working!)

What were your thoughts on working and being a mum before pregnancy? Did your opinion change after giving birth?

I always knew that I would go back to work, even when I had Kate (my second). My opinion never changed.

What were you’re career goals (if you had any) before you had your baby? Did they change after?

With my first, I went back clearly wanting the next promotion and worked hard to get it. This had been my career goal since I started my job so it didn’t change. With Kate I am in the position that I have no clearly defined goals.

Are you happy / job satisfied?

Yes, finding the balance of being mum and working is really difficult to start with but once you get used to it’s great.

What are your top tips for working and being a mum?

Being organised! The night before work you need to get everything as ready as possible for the next day – children’s clothes out and bag packed, plan for dinner made and any preparation required, if you take lunch with you to work get that ready and in the fridge just to lift out.

What do you struggle with most? Getting enough quality time with the children on working days and the housework!

What are your favourite moments? Getting a big smile and visible excitement when the child spots you when you pick them from nursery.

What would you say to someone who is getting ready to go back to work?
“Don’t feel guilty – your child will quickly adapt to new surroundings and having time as you and not mummy is good for you too!” #RebelLife