What is Zoom?

Zoom workout with the rebels

Zoom is a video conference tool. It allows you to host live meetings, social gatherings and even workouts which is what Rebel has been using it for. You can check out our full Zoom Workout timetable here.

How do I use Zoom?

If you’re on a phone or a tablet you have to download the Zoom app to join a meeting.

If you’re on a desktop you just have to click the link of the meeting which you should find in the Rebel PT Private Facebook pages or in the latest daily Rebel email.

Right, I’m in the Zoom Workout. How do I work it?

We have set the meeting up so that when you join you are automatically set to ‘mute’. If you have joined early feel free to unmute yourself and join in on the conversation. The trainer will always try and sign in 10 minutes early to catch up with everyone and discuss any issues you may be having with Zoom. We ask that everyone mutes themselves once we start the workout.

How to Mute

On a desktop it should be fairly obvious with either a picture of a red microphone, that you just have to click. Or you should see the words ‘mute / unmute’. Again all you have to do is click on it. It is the same on a phone.

Your Video

You have the option to log in with or without your video on. It is totally up to you what you do. We have heard that people work harder with their videos on but if you’re not comfortable with that, that’s totally fine!

Our Video

We have our video on the whole time so you can follow us. The best thing to do is pin a trainer to the front of the screen. This makes the trainer the focus of your screen making it easier to follow the workout.

How to pin a trainer on your phone / tablet device:

1. First of all you need to make sure you’re in Gallery mode. By default, the zoom mobile app displays the active speaker view. When one or more participants join the meeting, you will see a video thumbnail in the bottom right corner. 
2. Swipe left from the active speaker view to switch to gallery view. 
3. On mobiles you can view up to 4 participants video at the same time. If you keep swiping left you can view other participants. 
4. When you see the Rebel trainer double-tap the video and that should pin them for you. 

How to pin a trainer on your desktop

Hover over the video of the participant you want to pin and click. From the menu, choose pin video.

We hope this guides helps you to feel comfortable using Zoom to join in with our online workouts. If not give us a shout. We’re more than happy to have a practice run with you to show you how it works.