There’s Plenty of Fish

rebel life but what else is out there

On Mental Health Day we posted a blog on The Benefits of Exercise on Mental Health which was someone’s experience where exercise, and Rebel in particular, had helped them with their own mental health. In response we received an abundance of emails explaining how much it had helped others too. It wasn’t just Rebel bootcamp that had helped. It varied from going out for a walk to being part of a sports team. This is awesome!

At Rebel our job is to help people have fun while they exercise. If you don’t have fun at bootcamp, that’s okay! There’s a whole load of other things you can try! There’s plenty of fish in the sea and loads of things to try!

Team Sports

Have you ever thought about joining a team sport? For example – Football, Five a Sides, Netball, Rugby, Basketball, Hockey, Volleyball, Touch Rugby, Dodgeball and I’m sure there are so many we’ve forgotten too! I bet if you google search for a team you’re interested in in your local area, there will be one!

“Being part of a team/group while doing sport, the only time you completely switch off and get totally absorbed in what’s going on right at that moment. I laugh, cry, get frustrated, become elated, fall down, get back up again and try that bit harder because there are others needing you. To some it sounds absolutely awful to me it’s the greatest emotional rollercoaster that always leaves me on a high and doing it with friends makes it all the better.”

Solo Sports

Why not try a new hobby? Tennis, racket ball, squash, golf, swimming, badminton, ice skating, climbing & bouldering. Have a look and see if you can get a coach or join a social club. usually there are beginner options too for these ones. As you progress you’ll meet more people and maybe even play in some of the local leagues.

Running Clubs

If it’s running you’d like to focus on there are loads of running clubs you could join who offer hill runs, sprint training, social runs etc. The clubs can be anything from Couch to 5k clubs all the way to competing athletes who run sprint sessions weekly. If you don’t feel ready to join a club then you could give the Couch to 5k programme a go! If that doesn’t sound like fun either then grab a buddy and go for a plod together.

“Sometimes life is just a bit sh*t and I’m not a big talker when things are sh*t, talking means you have to adult and I don’t like adulting. Going for a run is not adulting and it makes me feel a whole lot better. Sometimes it’s good to run and talk about everything except the sh*t that’s going on. Other times it’s the only time I talk about the sh*t but there’s like an unwritten rule, talk about it while running but don’t talk about it until we run again. What’s said on a run stays on a run! And sometimes that’s just what I need.”

Cycling Clubs

Cycling clubs often have social cycles that you can join. They do usually recommend a minimum speed. It’s up to you to decide whether this puts you off or you see it as a challenge. The good thing about cycling clubs is that cake and coffee is often on the agenda!

So if you decide Rebel is not for you right now then that’s ok. We’d much rather members were active and happy than sitting on the couch feeling glum. Speak to your trainer if you want to mix things up a bit, they’d be happy to give you some suggestions. Post on the rebel private Facebook page if you’re looking for company to try something new, there’s always someone up for a new experience. If you need to, pause your Rebel membership for a while – but feel free to come back any time. We won’t go all Ross and Rachel on you, sometimes breaks are good ?