The 3 different types of Fun!

How the fun scale works!

“It will be fun” they said…

Sometimes hard to relate to as you’re .2 miles into your first half marathon or you’re gripping onto a slippy rock, traversing across a ridge to get to the top of Ben Nevis.

“It will be fun” they said…

You may have heard this in a number of different scenarios:

  1. A friend signing you up to Rebel
  2. A friend at Rebel talking about, bootcamp, a weekend event you should go to, a race you should sign up to… or sometimes all three at once
  3. A trainer… at any point during any conversation (often with a smile on their face)

From a Rebels point of view, anything that you take part in outdoors can and often does count as fun. From hitting the slopes on a snowboard, biking down a mountain, hiking up a hill, running a gruelling race or taking part in a Rebel PT session.

It’s all better than being at work and in our eyes: fun!

The real question is, do you really know what type of fun it is that you are about to embark on?


Type I Fun

Happens while you’re doing it! It’s always fun, feels like fun and never stops being fun.

This type is what happens when a plan comes together—the weather lines up for a hike, it snows for the Rebel Ski trip, or you rock up to bootcamp where it’s warm and sunny without a hint of wind.

For others, it can also be catching a wave, cruising down a mountain track on your bike, blue bird powder days, and cold beers next to a warm campfire.

It’ the fun you brag to your friends about, and they are sad to have missed it. Even more so when they see the photos

Type II Fun

Type II fun often sucks while you’re doing it (could be for part of it or could be the entire time)

It’s often something that:

  1. pushes you out of your comfort zone.
  2. Involves trying something new that makes you feel clumsy and awkward in comparison to others who are adept at it.
  3. Underestimating the challenge.

Please note that NONE of these things are bad!!

The main part is that you are excited to either brag about it at the bar later or look back on it and value it as a character-building episode and if nothing else an experience and cool story!


Running, bootcamp in rain, sleet, snow, Riding down an icy black,

Type III fun (aka not fun… ever)

Type III fun is never fun, it just sucks. It sucks while you’re doing it, after you do it, it sucks when you talk about it.

You often feel your life is threatened, certain doom is normally at hand, and half the time it ends in a rescue.

(I don’t care what you say but boot camp is not included in type III fun… I’ll give you type II, MAYBE!)

Afterwards, you swear to never attempt anything similar ever again.

It’s the type that makes most of us go crawling back to Type 1, and say, “The heck with Type 2, because it’s just too damned close to Type 3.

This can include: Failed relationships, Apollo 13 and probably Glenmore 24

* A warning for all type II and type III fun – time can often make these appear like you had a good time. You look back on photos and think, hey actually that wasn’t so bad, I enjoyed the challenge. Type II becomes type I and type III becomes type II.

Before you know it, you’re on that next adventure.

That’s the circle of fun!

Talking of fun… Sign up to your free trial.  We promise a Type I & Type II sorta fun! Maybe occasionally Type III…