Summer Training Vs Winter Training: When should you pack the shorts away?

As sun the sun sets on another great summer of training you might start asking yourself… when do I pack away the shorts? If you’re trainer Grant the answer to that question is never…

Summer training tends to be about the shorts and t-shirt vibe, winter training is more of a hats and gloves thing.

If only Winter training was as simple as changing your outfit…

The weather starts to turn and so do your thoughts to whether this outdoor training malarkey is your thing.

  1. It’s too cold,
  2. It’s too dark,
  3. I hate getting wet and muddy

There’s no lying, training in the more extreme conditions requires a change in mindset.

You go to bed with all the intentions of boot camp the next day, you’re still keen but maybe a little more tired, you’ve got a busy day but you’re definitely THINKING about going to Rebel… time ticks by and so does your motivation to get along… we’ve all been there!

I promise it doesn’t have to be like that! The hardest part will be getting down to the first few sessions and getting the layers right!

If you need a little push in the right direction we’ve got lots of great tips on motivation here

What changes do we make at Winter Boot camps

Flood Lights

The nights might be dark but our floodlights aren’t! They bathe our members in 20,000 lumens worth of light! What are 20,000 lumens of light… we have no idea but it sounds good!

Enough light to light up more than enough to space to have you running around a park!

Top Tip from Rebel Member Tracy

The floodlights at training are a blessing. They are super bright so you can definitely hide behind the lights when you want to hide from a trainer

*NB – thanks for letting us know where to find you Tracy ;)

The Sessions

We take the weather into account when we plan our sessions. Yes you might get wet, you will get muddy but we promise you’ll finish with that same sense of satisfaction at the end as you do in the Summer. We tone down the running and focus more on the strength work. We keep you moving to stop you from getting cold while letting you continue to work at your own pace all with the support and encouragement of the trainers to help you push yourself out of your comfort zone and get results.


The Rebels

They bring the same sense of enthusiasm and energy to all the sessions.  The vibe they create at training is a huge part of what makes Rebel what it is. Often the main reason why our members don’t want to miss out on a session is for a chance to catch up, push each other and figure out what challenge is next.

“I might not have as much motivation in winter, so heading to bootcamp ensures I’m actually going to get in a workout, and one I don’t have to plan. And hanging with all the Rebels makes the workout go much faster; the banter is just as good in winter as it is in summer!”


What can you do to help

The main one is when you tell yourself you are going… just go! You never ever regret it

The weather is getting colder and its getting darker and that makes me want warm fires and tea and cozy cuddles on the sofa, not getting outside and training in the cold. But I’ve never felt bad after a winter Rebel sesh, or really any Rebel sesh. Yes, it’s dark, yes, it’s cold, but if you prep right it’s really not that bad!

Get the layers right. Gloves and hat are essential. We recommend more layers for before and after bootcamp. You will warm up as you get stuck in. Here’s our advice on layers here

Yes, it’s dark, yes, it’s cold, but if you prep right it’s really not that bad! Lots of layers, and waterproof gloves, a warm hat or a Rebel buff and you’re set.


Get yourself down to winter training. It’s easy to see it as just the elements but it’s essentially summer training on steroids and that’s just the endorphins you feel at the end of the session.  You won’t get a buzz after the session like you do in  Winter. We find that our members miss the dark nights by the time summer rolls round again.

If you haven’t trained with Rebel before come down for your free trial