Rebels hit Snowdonia, Wales

Lochnagar wild camping

Fresh off the back of our first Rebel 3-peak challenge weekend, Rebel PT Chief Tom shares his photo diary with us… next 3-peak challenge weekend? Ben Nevis, 29 and 30 July.

Friday 9am
Leaving Aberdeen! 4 cars all setting off for Wales carrying 16 excited Rebels! Car selfies: essential and did someone say “Race?!” (joking, only responsible driving allowed).
Travel time: 7 hours 10 Minute
In-car entertainment: “My Dad Wrote a Porno” podcast.  Hilarious, absolutely recommend it! #PlungingPomegranates

Snacks: Haribo (lasted 5 minutes), sandwiches (lasted one hour), a bag of almonds (still in the car). A stop for more refreshments is essential…

A quick stop at the supermarket for purchases of beer, wine and the biggest bag of pasta you’ve ever seen. That’s dinner sorted!

Friday 5pm

First few rebels are at the café next to the hostel when we arrive. Can you tell they were here awhile??

Friday 11pm

We have all arrived at the hostel. Longest car took 11 hours! A lot of anticipation in the air.

The hostel is rated as the only 5* hostel in Wales and it’s definitely a hit! Bunk rooms are slick; kitchen and lounge areas are huge and there’s a firepit outside that will definitely be used!

Walking up Snowdon in the morning. Our plan (weather dependent) is to walk up the famous Crib Goch route. A knife-edged, adrenaline-fuelled, gut-wrenching, teeth-clenching ridge walk, that takes you around the top of the neighbouring mountains to the top of Snowdon.  You can’t get off until you have reached the other side so definitely not a time to discover that you are afraid of heights…

For a Crib Goch trip, you’d ideally want a clear day (you won’t get much out of it if you can’t see the view!) with little or no wind (you don’t want to get blown off!). Reviewing the forecast for the next day shows the weather to be cloudy with a chance of lifting by mid-afternoon. Most importantly, though, no wind!

If visibility is too poor or if the weather turns, the back-up route is to take the Pyg track; a much simpler and more casual route to the top. A lot of time and planning has gone into the route with abilities taken into consideration. Hill walking is something that should be planned, and correct kit taken!

Saturday 9am

The decision has been made to head up slightly later. A last-minute check of the weather forecast shows that it is meant to clear as the day goes on. No point rushing the walk, let’s make the most of the weather! Crib Goch it is!

Bags are packed. There is a bus stop outside the hostel that takes us to the foot of Snowdon in 10 minutes.

Saturday 12pm

The route starts the same as the Pyg track; we cross a ridge and head straight up. Soon it gets scramble-y! As expected. After some more scrambling, calves are screaming but we reach the top of the ridge…3,028 feet high!

Holy Sh*t this is terrifying, but incredible! The ridge is narrow! Really not a place you want to be in heavy wind. Luckily, we have a good day for it! It was a beautiful place, and an interesting scramble.  Still cloudy, but as we get higher the clouds lift too (it’s also about 18 degrees so sweating like a fish!).

Saturday 3pm

The ridge successfully traversed we walked to the summit…not your average summit experience. Easily 1000 people at the top.  There is a train that goes from the bottom to the top, making the summit easily accessible. Everyone is walking around in their Snowdon hoodies (of course there’s a merch shop…and a café, beers, pie and chips, pizza…I mean how else would you climb the highest mountain in Wales). Too busy for us, just a quick stop off and time to crack on!

Saturday 6pm

Almost back at the bottom, we followed the Horseshoe route that takes you right around Snowdon and around the lake. The cloud has cleared, and views are spectacular! Snacks have been eaten and we’re already thinking about dinner…fajitas!! Woohoo!!

Saturday 11pm

This is what I’m talking about! Everyone is exhausted. Fajitas were great, beers have been drunk and now in front of the firepit. We are in a good place…

Sunday 9am

Check out is at 10am. Our stay at the hostel has been great, but we aren’t done yet! Time to hit the Welsh Slate Caverns for a bit of zipline fun before the long drive back! A Go Ape-style adventure but underground! Amazing!

Sunday 3pm

What an end to a great weekend! Nothing quite cements a friendship like being trapped in a cave with 15 other Rebels! A little safer today, at least we were harnessed in! Time for the drive back.

Sunday 8pm

Stopped off in Peebles to carry on the road trip. We checked out the Great Polish Map of Scotland. Built in the 1970’s, it was the idea of the Polish soldier, Jan Tomasik and is the largest terrain relief model in the world!

Monday 1am

Home and bedtime! Rebels do it right! #RebelLife