Rebel Virtual Relay

This weekend saw 107 Rebels take part in a virtual relay. The task – divvy up 17 half an hour slots between 9am – 5pm and have Rebels walk or run as far as they can in that time. Originally we had planned for 3 teams but the uptake was unreal. By the end of the week we had 6 full teams with some members having to double up. in a slot.

Six Rebels kickstarted the relay at 9am on Saturday morning. I could feel the buzz and excitement as if it were race day. Despite all doing different routes, some in Edinburgh, some in Aberdeen, I could really feel the team vibe.

Once they had completed the half hour slot they posted a selfie and the distance they covered on their team post. My phone was buzzing the whole day with loads of lovely Rebel selfies coming through. Families & buggies, pets and PBs, kids on shoulders and socially distant photos as they bumped into other rebels also taking part. Lots of sweaty shiny faces which we love to see and have definitely missed during lockdown!

My slot was at 2pm and as the time grew closer I got more nervous excitement, the good kind where you can’t wait to get going. Tie shoe laces, make sure Garmin is ready to go, hover around my doorstop and GO! I knew I wanted to push myself and I got my fastest 5km in a long time. I had planned the route to end up in Duthie Park and then walk back along the river. It was all downhill which was clever planning 😉 and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I never would have pushed myself in the same way had I just been going for a run.

The beauty of this event was every kilometre counted. This meant that if you didn’t feel like running then that’s okay. One km was going to take us 1km closer to our target which is awesome!! The goal was to get us all out for half an hour, increase our step count and enjoy the fresh air.

The result being 107 rebels covering 494km together. Our furthest goal which we weren’t even sure we were going to hit was 440km – The length of Scotland. Safe to say, as a team, we smashed it. That deserves a massive high five!

Aberdeen to Mcdonald’s, Forfar – 86km
The West Highland Way – 154km
Aberdeen to Edinburgh – 206km
Ullapool to Edinburgh – 340km
Length of Scotland – 440km