Rebel, Steady, Cook!

We asked you guys to bake and boy did you deliver. The week long Rebel, Steady, Cook competition had different categories – Breakfast, Bakes, Bread & Main Meals. We got sent in 39 recipes, from Rabbit to Cod, banoffee pie to cheesecake and Indian to Thai – there is a huuuge variety of recipes.

Download the full recipe book here.

We had to narrow it down for the competition and it came down to a mighty fine looking burger cooked by Ally of Westburn Park vs a Mississippi Mud Cake, decorations inspired by a muddy Rebel PT bootcamp, baked by Jen of The Meadows. In the end the savoury beat the sweet and Ally is crowned winner of Rebel, Steady, Cook.

Have a flick through the recipe book below. Or download the full thing here. You can see who baked / cooked each recipe & which parks they are usually at. If any tickle your fancy, give it a go, take a pic & let the Rebel know! Enjoy!