Top tips for new Rebel PT Prams mums

The Rebel PT Prams in the Park classes are not like other Bootcamp classes…. Sometimes the sun is shining, the babies are sleeping and you get an hour long workout to yourself. On other days, it is cold and windy, our babies are crying, toddlers are running around, crows are trying to steal snacks and leaf blowers are making a racket…  This is what makes prams the wonderful place that it is; a place where new (and returning-to-training) mums can exercise and find a common ground with like minded individuals!

We can tell you all these things, but like any mum you’ll be thinking ahead to what to bring, what to wear and what to do when you arrive at the park! Rebel PT Prams trainer, Lynn has put together these top tips to hopefully make your settling in period a bit smoother and you can get the most from your Prams in the Park sessions and focus on what to have at the cafe afterwards instead.

  1. Get some waterproof gloves, these are a god send on those wet days!
  2. Don’t leave your car doors open in the car park, trust me, it’s not a nice feeling when someone arrives at bootcamp and tells you you’ve left your doors wide open to the world…
  3. Even if you’re going to be late just turn up anyway. Bootcamp numbers at 10am normally more than double by 10.15am.
  4. Remember what your body has been through! You’re not long out of 9 months of pregnancy where everything is squished and squashed in your body. Take it easy and give your body a chance to recover, enjoy being out and about and in the fresh air.
  5. Be aware of your pelvic floor, it’s so important to do your exercises as this can affect you later on in life.
  6. Don’t rush things, listen to your body!
  7. Don’t compare yourself to others, everyone had a first session at sometime.
  8. Don’t let the weather affect your choice on heading down to a session. Despite wishing you were the one wrapped up in a buggy the wholeee session you will not regret getting outside and doing some exercise!
  9. You can only use your card for orders over £5 in the café, so make sure you have cash for coffee afterwards.
  10. Most importantly, don’t wear white pants…

Get in touch with any questions about the Prams in the Park sessions and see the full timetable here. #RebelPramsmums