Prams in the Park top 5 buggy-friendly routes in Aberdeen

running at hazlehead park run great training for a duathlon

The Rebel PT Prams in the Park sessions have been running for just over 4 years now and the Rebel mums training sessions happen Monday to Friday in Hazlehead Park, Duthie Park and Banchory. The Prams mums are a pretty epic bunch and take part in running races, mud-obstacle races and various other team events; of course playdates and coffee and cake are fairly standard after training too!

What often goes unseen is that the majority of the training and running these mums do is with a buggy and /or toddler in tow! This definitely requires a bit of forward planning for a running route to ensure it is buggy-friendly… so, we asked Prams in the Park trainers, Eilidh and Lynne to speak to the pram mums and put together their top 5 buggy-friendly running routes in Aberdeen City and Shire.

Here’s the list (in no particular order):

Hazlehead Park: There are plenty of trails in and around Hazlehead Park, a lot are accessible with a non-running buggy, however for the rough(er) tracks a run buggy is recommended. Car parking is free and there is a great cafe for post-run debrief coffee (and cake)! Hazlehead Park is also great for all levels of runners and easy to adapt to any distances.

Railway line: This is accessible to all with or without running buggies. You can join the railway line at any stage, but we tend to park at Duthie Park (close to the coffee shop of course), this route is also a nice way to try out running with a buggy if you are considering it but not quite ready to commit to the purchase of the full run buggy. The route is the ‘“there and back” kind, which may seem entirely flat but be aware of that slight incline when running West… it does make for a lovely run back to the car though!

Aberdeen beach promenade: This is another great route for starting out, though watch out for that wind… it definitely adds another level of resistance!! Aberdeen beach is easy to get to, has plenty of (free) parking and a number of post run cafe options. The route is suitable for all buggy types and is a flat “there and back” route that can be adapted to different distances

Countesswells Forest: The forest has a number of beautiful run routes, which you can vary in distance. There are a number of hills on most of the routes, but nothing the prams mums can’t handle… These runs are best suited for a run buggy, there is a car park charge and although there are no cafes next to it it’s a great place for a thermos of coffee and a picnic afterwards!

Kirkhill Forest: This is a tougher forest route, so maybe one to build up to if you are relatively new to running and the 5k route is not suitable for running with a buggy. It is an adventurous 10k route, a run buggy is definitely required and we would suggest doing it with a friend also!

Of course, this list is not comprehensive and just focuses on the top 5 as tried and tested by the Rebel mums! Get in touch with any questions or if you have recommendations of other buggy-friendly running routes in and around Aberdeen. #RebelLife #PramsinthePark