Rebel 3-peak challenge kit list

summer solstice hike

It’s one week to go until the first Rebel PT 3-peak challenge and one of the main organisers, Rebel Robyn, has a “kit list check list” for you Rebel-adventurers.  Imagine boots are ticked off the list already, but worth going through the list anyway and definitely worth checking out if you are just starting your hill walking adventures. P.S It’s worth reading Robyn’s first blog too, where she shares some local routes and suggestions for those just getting started with some hill walking.

What to pack for a Rebel PT hill walking adventure weekend:

Good fitting waterproof walking boots Go and get fitted and give yourself time to try on boots! Just like running shoes, there’s a huge variety of fits. A cushioned pair of hiking socks make a big difference to the fit and should be fitted with the boot (if you already have some take them with you when try boots on). Models like the Scarpa Revos / Lowa Renegades are the right kind of support and stiffness for our Rebel-hikes. Much stiffer might be overkill and hard to get used to.

Waterproofs! We’re in Scotland (and England and Wales at times too)! Jacket and trousers are needed, ideally not too bulky (I’m not a fan of ones with insulation built in as it’s harder to control temperature ….especially heading uphill!) and breathable, doesn’t have to be Goretex though as some manufacturers own fabrics are pretty strong contenders too.

Temperatures can vary massively through the hike as we go up and down and the weather changes! Non-cotton baselayer tops with a combination of fleece type layers to add on as it gets colder work best. I usually have a baselayer on with a fleece gilet to start, I then have a fleece and light insulated jacket as a back up for summer walking. Cotton hoodys are great for chilling out in at the end of the day but are heavy for the warmth they give and rubbish if they get damp. Most of the stuff you do bootcamp in should be suitable to be part of the layering system you have.

Hat/ Gloves/ Buff It gets cold up there!

Water Bottle You’ll need to have at least a 1L bottle, I usually have a 2L camelback then a 750ml drinks bottle as a back-up for longer days.

Food! Cereal bars/ Sandwiches/ Haribos ( or Moralibos)… Due to the ascent in each hike, fuel is definitely needed! Stuff like Soreen bars/ flapjack bites/ brownies are also great for boosts on the hill.

Rucksack probably about 20L – 25L to fit everything in (on a nice day most of your gear will stay in your bag as a just in case!) If it has a hip belt that makes things comfier as you are able to lock it to your frame so it doesn’t swing about and the weight spread out makes a huge difference to all day comfort.  It’s worth thinking too that rucksacks aren’t waterproof …. covers are flappy and annoying so I prefer a couple of drybags to keep my stuff organised and dry.  Zip lock food bags are great for car keys / phones on a damp day.

Any queries feel free to message Robyn (you can find her on the Private Facebook group or ask your trainer) . She also let us know that her favourite shops for gear are Craigdon and Cotswold (ask for Joe), where you will get sound advice and a loyalty card (Craigdon) to get 11% off and Cotswold has a 10% Rebel discount code set up.  #RebelLife