Kirkhill Forest monthly runs are back

Kirkhill Forest Monthly Run

Remember back in 2015 when we ran the Kirkhill Forest route every month for a year? Good memories #Rebels and we’re bringing it back for 2018!  This time round we’re setting the date, day and time and having an “open door” policy – so join in when you can or join in with any of the other Rebel-Life events or races happening on that day.

The idea is that it is a monthly run-date in the calendar and although we will try and get a trainer to as many as possible, we don’t want this to determine whether you go or not! Put the dates in the diary and let that be your motivation to get up and go – guaranteed there’ll be other Rebels there too and highly likely there’ll be a Rebel-Run-Club Chief there on occasion too.

It’s a good idea to let the other Rebels know if you plan on going or not by using the Rebel PT private page and there is the option of the 5k loop or 10k loop. All runs leave the car park at 10am and the dates are here:

  • Sun February 4th
  • Sun March 11th
  • Sun April 8th
  • Sun May 13th
  • Sun June 10th
  • Sun July 8th
  • Sun August 5th
  • Sun September 9th
  • Sun October 14th
  • Sun November 11th
  • Sun December 9th

If you have any questions get in touch with us or speak to your trainer at bootcamp #RunRebelRun