Meet the Member

MEet the member - this time we hae Ron and Dave from cults!

We may be a little bit biased, but we think you guys are pretty awesome! The Rebel PT way is one of community, encouragement, hard work and a whole bunch of banter and adventures in between. We run bootcamp in 7 locations across Aberdeen City and Shire over 6 days a week; and whilst some of you train in different parks at times, it suits others to stick to the same routine and only meet other Rebels at team events, on race day or nights out!

So we thought, we’ll play Rebel-maker and introduce you guys to each other on a Friday meet-the-member session! You’ll find some Q&A on the website, mentions on social media and sometimes a shoutout in the bi-weekly enews. Nothing left for it, but to introduce this week’s member(s)-of-the-month…

Some of you guys like to travel two-by-two, these members come as a duo and you don’t get one without the other! Meet Ron and Dave, who go to Cults bootcamp as their “home” and occasionally Westburn park. (We’re being super nice as we  think that we should all ask Dave to read us the poem* he wrote about Tom and Alice…maybe we can record?! #justsaying #askDave)

How long have you been a member?

Ron: 9 Months
Dave: 1 week shorter than Ron


Fun Fact about you?

Ron: I commute to Aberdeen from Northumberland and I endure constant ribbing about looking like Larry Lamb……
Dave: For best part of 15 years I worked overseas. Everywhere between Australia, Alaska and Argentina to Japan. I have also been known to turn out the odd poem, ditty or song when the occasion calls for it. (*#askDave about the poem he wrote about Tom and Alice)


Favourite Rebel memory?

Ron: When looking to join a bootcamp class, I took the time to watch a Rebel PT session at Cults. I watched a group jogging up and down the small hill and thought what a waste of time as the exercise looked too easy, how humbling 5 minutes into my first class……
Dave: “And Relax” [it’s a Cults thing]


Favourite exercise to do at Bootcamp?

Ron: “Star Watching” is my favourite, it’s what we call the very short rests between exercises!
Dave: I suppose I don’t have a favourite! What I can say is I like the variety.