Have we Lost the Ability to Run for Fun?

Have we lost the ability to run for fun?

I was out for a 10k jog the other day and 2k in my phone starts to ring. I knew before i’d answered it that it was my brother Tom. I’d tried to call him 15 minutes earlier and unsurprisingly he hadn’t answered. I had two thoughts:

  • I can ignore and try and get hold of him another time
  • I can stop, pause the Garmin and chat to him.

We all know how hard it can be to get a hold of Tom so I answered…  5 mins into it I realised it was going to take a while and, as I didn’t have much time, I decided to walk and chat.

It was at this point that I started to over think my run. While I was walking I was wondering what I should title the run on Strava. I felt the need to explain the reason my average pace was so slow:

  • “Business calls mid run”,
  • “Had to walk as got a phone call”
  • ”Multitasking at its Finest ☎️?‍♀️?”

Then I thought: “jee whiz why do I even care?!”

Why I shouldn’t care and you shouldn’t either!

Whether I got a phone call or not I’d been out for a walk / run. I very nearly didn’t go so surely I should be celebrating the fact that I left the house, covered some mileage and I got some fresh air.

It’s so easy to overthink a run and feel like its not good enough and even worse feel like you have to explain yourself for maybe running a tad slower than you normally do. I have never ever looked at someones run and thought, that’s a bit slow. What were they doing! I love looking through my Strava and Instagram, seeing what people get up to, where they explore and what conditions they ran in. So much respect for people getting out there and making it happen.

I wondered how many people were out there not going for a run because they were too intimidated about posting times and distances. Or maybe they’d pushed themselves so hard on their last run, they hated it and couldn’t face another run for a while. Often missing the important point of getting out there and doing something is better than not doing anything at all. This is why I love Rebel so much there is so much support and encouragement that it can truly change how you perceive a healthy lifestyle. It’s not always about times and top performances but surrounded by great people doing great things. Yes there are some incredibly awesome and talented fast runners but we’re not here to compare ourselves to them or to try and keep up.  It can be easy to forget just how good it is to just get up and go and focus on yourself.

*** Take Away Tip: Just get out and focus on yourself! You’ll enjoy it in the end

Since this personal breakthrough, I have been way more inclined to go running regularly. There is no stress, I don’t pause my Garmin when I get to a crossing, I don’t feel the need to explain why I was 30s per km slower than usual and I enjoy taking in the scenery and not looking at my watch the whole time.

I am challenging YOU to go out occasionally without your sports watch and no tracking device. This feels crazy as what’s the point if you don’t have bragging rights on social media?! However, it’s time to celebrate the fact that we have had some time on legs and can’t be disappointed by that it was slower than anticipated. Breathe in the fresh air, walk when you want to and give yourself a high 5 when you get back. You Are Awesome!

And remember, it’s ok to:

  • wear your sports watch on a night out… those steps count!
  • do laps of a car park looking silly trying to round up your run to the next k.
  • celebrate your run with a big ice cream
  • spend more time lounging in your running gear than you actually do running
  • not stop your watch at the traffic lights.

I hope you can find a way of being proud for getting on your feet and going out no matter how far or how slow you went. You don’t realise who you are inspiring.

Here’s to happy running and running for the fun of it!