Looking for your training mojo?

The 4th of November was the end of the couch-to-5k programme that some of you Rebels had been taking part in, a 9-week programme that helps those new to running or looking to get back into running work up to a 5k. Trainer Siobhan was taking the lead on this one and there was (is) a private group on Facebook where everyone could share motivation, training runs or meet up with other Rebels and run together. A virtual couch-to-5k run and a support group, proper #Rebeldream stuff!

We spoke to Rebel PT trainer, Siobhan who shared some of her training struggles over the past few months, highlighting that trainers or Rebels all have times when they need a little extra support, inspiration or just a plan.

“A couple of years ago I was at my fittest,  running 3 to 4 times a week and being pretty active at the gym too. I never really cared about time or distance with my running, the main objective was to get fit, but the more I ran, the more I wanted to improve. Winter came and I lost all of my motivation to run, it was just so cold! I managed to keep my fitness up at the gym so it wasn’t too much of an issue at that point. And then life happened, as it does. Keeping fit and looking after myself was no longer a priority. As my fitness levels dropped so did my confidence…

During this time, I also became a Personal Trainer. I started to feel pressure to look a certain way and be of a certain fitness level; not feeling like I was at this point only knocked my confidence more! Around this time, I joined Rebel PT. I was pretty quiet and shy to begin with, not really putting myself out there because I just didn’t have the confidence. I didn’t feel like I looked how a Personal Trainer should and I didn’t feel like I was fit enough to  join in with any of the Rebel events. I spent all of my days helping other people achieve their goals, but I completely neglected my own! I decided to share some of this with Rebel PT chief Tom and he was certain that I wasn’t alone and other people felt the same.

I thought it was amazing that all these running groups had formed within Rebel PT, but I just didn’t have the confidence to join them. I thought I wouldn’t be able to keep up and that I’d slow everyone down. So we came up with a plan for me to improve my running and help any other Rebels who may be feeling the same way too, I did this by simply asking if anyone fancied going for a super easy walk/jog! I was blown away by the support that I received and the number of people that were interested in joining. I started to run again! This in itself was a massive achievement for me and I can’t stress enough how much easier running is when you have a buddy running along with you…”

The Rebel virtual couch-to-5k programme finished last weekend, when the team took part in the Saturday morning beach park run! The #Rebel runners did amazing and we are so proud of you guys. If anyone has an questions for Siobhan who wants to join the private C25K Facebook group, then get in touch. #RebelLife