Loch Leven Adventure Run

Loch Leven Adventure Run

Loch Leven Adventure Run

Stunning views, 3 cafes on the route and a perfect stop to break up a journey! We definitely recommend checking out Loch Leven if you’re ever driving by or fancy an adventure run!

Last week Alice and Marloes headed around Loch Leven in Kinross. It was their first time trying out this run but they’d researched it on Walk Highlands. If you’ve ever driven from Aberdeen to Edinburgh or vice versa you will have definitely driven past Loch Leven but you maybe didn’t even notice it! It sits around 30 mins outside Edinburgh and is a 20km loop.

The Route

We started at Loch Leven Larder after an Edinburgh Rebel recommended it for a post run ‘cake stop’ (obviously hugely important when it comes to adventure running). We parked up and headed down the path towards the Loch and started a gentle jog deciding to head anti clockwise around it. The whole way was a great path and we saw bicycles, buggies and even mobility scooters using it. It was so accessible for all! We crossed over bridges and winded our way through woodlands sometimes right on the loch side and sometimes further away. Our first stop was 6km in at the Visitor Centre where you could get a boat to the castle. We had a quick toilet stop and enjoyed the views.

10k in started to feel a little tedious as it was a straight path where you could see exactly where you were going. It was like tunnel vision and felt like a railway line pathway. Luckily the beautiful views of the nearby hills were a good distraction, as was the chitter chatter.

A short switch back track got us to a bird viewing hut and that was us 14km in. A quick break for some water before a gentle descent. The path started winding and we got closer to the Loch again before passing another visitor centre which had toilets and a cafe. There were plenty of smaller paths you could take but we needed no more detours! The run was already starting to feel long enough.

WEetland trail in Loch Leven

As we weaved closer to our starting point the landscape changed from fields into forests which offered shade in the heat of the day. We had really not prepared for such a long run and could’ve done with some energy gels or a banana! When we finally spotted Loch Leven Larder it was a relief. Straight to the cafe for some lunch!

Get Involved!

Safe to say we definitely recommend the walk and Loch Leven Larder.  Whether it’s with your family and you do an ‘out and back’ or you use it for a long run or walk during training. I really think you’ll enjoy the beautiful scenery and peace and quiet from the city. It’s also just off the motorway so no long detour to get there and you can’t even hear the traffic! Get involved and tag us in any pics!