How To Plan Your Own Workout

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Why you should plan your own workouts

Everyone reaches a point where they think they want to get a little fitter and lose some weight. It may be to fit in smaller clothes, feel better about ourselves or because When we think about getting fit and losing weight we consider running, joining a gym, maybe a diet or if we are crazy maybe all three at once.

We never consider writing our own workout! This is one of the easiest ways to get fit. It can be done from home, in or outdoors, with no equipment, with friends and most importantly… FOR FREE

It really comes down to how creative you can be.

How to plan your own workout


  1. How long should I exercise for?
  2. How long should I rest for?
  3. How often should I train?
  4. How many exercises should I pick?
  5. What exercises should I pick?


Ignore that voice in your head. As soon as you ask yourself a ‘How” or ‘What’ question you’re slowing yourself down and making it more complicated then it needs to be.

You want to get a bit fitter and tone up a little, right?

So, move onto step 2

STEP 2: Write down 3 exercises

Write down three of your favourite exercises or even easier let’s just write down 3 exercises. Any 3.

Here are my 3 (they don’t need to be the same as yours):

WooHoo! You just planned your first workout

Workout 1

Here is one of the easiest circuits we can make from our 3 exercises:

60s each exercise 3x through for a 10-minute workout.

Workout 1

Rest Periods

Throw in as little or as much rest as you need. This will change the intensity of the workout.

If you’re just starting out, rest for 30s in between each exercise


if you’re feeling good just take 60s rest at the end of the circuit before you start again for round 2 & 3

Workout 2 & 3

Now you could do workout 1 every day but it’s likely that it will get boring quickly. You want something that’s going to motivate and push you.

So let’s look at ways we can mix it up.

Maybe 60s felt a little too long and you felt like you were struggling towards the end.

Let’s try 40s fast reps with 20s rest. Or maybe it wasn’t long enough. Try and grind through 2 minutes with 60s rest at the end.

workout 2
Workout 3

** Remember to concentrate on your form. Much more important than doing it quickly

Workout 4

These are all just different ways that we can play around with the tempo of an exercise to make it more or less challenging.

Work for 20s as hard as you can go then rest for 10s.

Complete for each exercise 8x then move onto the next one.

Workout 4

4 Minutes per exercise, 12-minute circuit in total.

Workout 5

Mix it up a bit more…

Workout 6

Let’s add a static hold to the exercise to change it up again

Workout 7

Here we are reducing the time (and the rest period) for each exercise as we go along. This can be a good way to increase motivation knowning that exercise time is decreasing with each round. If you’re feeling sadistic you can work your way back up after reaching the 10s round.

Workout 8

Throw in a pulse raiser (A more intensity / cardio based exercise). A great way to get the heart rate up and a sweat on!!

Workout 9

These are all variations on how we can play around with timings to change the intensity of the workouts One last workout using timings. This time we add a new exercise on each round. Add as many as you like then work your way back removing the first exercise until you’re only left with one.

What if we use repetitions instead of time?

We’ve just written 9 workouts based on 3 exercises using timings to make each circuit feel different.

We can apply exactly the same principles as above but instead of using timings use repetitions instead

Do 10 Reps of each exercise for a quick short workout

3x through.

Shorter than 10 minutes if you’re looking for something quick. Or try starting at 2 reps of each exercise, then 4, 6, 8 and 10

Work your way back down after each one!

Reps and Timing

This is where things get really exciting ;)

Workout 10

Set a timer for 10 minutes. Complete 10 reps of each exercise. Now try to get as many sets completed in that time. This makes for a great fitness test. Why not record your result and try to beat your score a month later

Workout 11

Set a timer to go off every 60s…

Complete all 30 reps of the 3 exercises (10 reps of each) in the 60s. As soon as you finish. Rest for the remainder of the time. AS soon as the timer ticks over for another 60s go again.

Keep going for as many rounds as possible

Workout 12

Lets go again! Every 60s you complete 1 rep of each exercise and then rest. Next minute you complete 2 reps, 3 reps, 4 reps… KEEP GOING until you can’t any more.

Turning it up to 11?  

Take a minute or two to rest and then work your way back down the list!

Are you confident in planning your own workout now?

I’m going to leave it here before I write too much. These workouts are just based on the 3 exercises we wrote down at the start. Play around with the options. Try different exercises, add more to make longer workouts. You could have a leg based circuit, upper body or abs!

It’s entirely up to you. See how creative you can be with it.

A few more tips

When planning your own workout:

  • Remember It’s meant to be challenging. Play around with rest periods and timings to make it harder or more intense
  • Don’t be afraid to experiment with different circuits to see what works for you and what doesn’t
  • Throw in some runs or walks into the circuit
  • Get some friends and do it together

Go crush it…

This blog isn’t meant to be technical. It was written to show you how easily you can come up with your own exercises and circuits.

We’re big advocates of outdoor and social training. This is a great way to plan your own workouts. You can take this approach to the gym, put your own exercises together at home or just complete them in your local park

The hardest part and the bit we all struggle with is keeping up the momentum. It’s easy to keep telling yourself you’ll do it later. One great way to deal with this is set a regular time that you are going to workout. It could be mornings, after lunch or in the evening. Whatever works for you and gives you the best chance of doing it.

My other advice is to surround yourself with a team. Get a friend involved or if you think it works for you, come give Rebel PT a try.

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