Free Rebel PT Bootcamps

Free-bootcamp-Sunday is now a thing for 2018! At Rebel PT, we are passionate that everyone should have some form of an active lifestyle without any barriers and also see the benefits that living an active lifestyle have on our members and the Rebel community.

With that in mind, each month we’re going to run a free bootcamp in a different location around Aberdeen City and Shire. The session is open to anyone and is absolutely free. But why? Quite simply because we believe in the oodles of benefits that comes with being outdoors and active, we see first hand the impact that exercise and camaraderie have on the Rebel community and want to share that with as many of you as possible.

What next?

Each month we’ll put up a Facebook event with the date (always a Sunday) and location of the free bootcamp.

Make sure you sign up here and register your details to be kept up to date

Enter your email address to attend and we will send you a short health questionnaire to bring with you on the day, what to wear and what to bring with some #toptips for the session.

So when do we start!

The first free bootcamp is on Sunday, 4th February in Duthie Park at 10am. Feel free to share the Facebook Event here and get in touch if you have any questions. #RebelLife