How to find time to train!

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“I don’t have time to exercise… “

This is the number one reason we get for member cancellations, and we hear you! Life often gets in the way.  I know when I get short of time the first thing that stops for me, is my training.

We all feel better after going to the gym, running, or coming to Rebel bootcamps. There is a sense of satisfaction in turning up and churning out a big session. You feel good!

Alternatively, there is that feeling when you’ve said you’ll go train, and then you don’t make it.

You’re a bit tired and hungry so you might say to yourself I’ll use that time to make a healthy dinner, or get that work done that you’ve been needing to do, or tidy your place….

Sometimes you do that, but most times you don’t…  At first, you feel naughty that’s followed by that feeling of guilt when you realise you would have been and done by now.

You are responsible for your own training. All too often people will tell you what you should do and how you should do it but it has to work for you too! It’s easy to say I’m going to spend less time watching tv, or scrolling on your phone but in reality, it is harder than that!

Think about why you cant find time to exercise!

What’s the reason for your hesitation? If it’s just a fear of something new or something that will push your limits, that’s an awful reason not to do something. Typically it’s those scary things that lead to the best results.

If it’s simply a lack of interest or the fact that something just isn’t your bag, then there’s a problem. Then that’s truly something you don’t like and you should stop.

Is it you just don’t feel like doing something?  Then grind it out! You don’t need to feel like doing anything, but you have to start somewhere.


How to make exercise a habit…

Life’s easier when you have a routine. We all know building the routine is the hard part, so here are some tips to get yourself moving.  Break it down into a smaller step…

Step 1 – grab your trainers,

Step 2 – walk out of the house,

Step 3 – walk to the park,

before you know it you’re there! Here are a few other ideas…

  1. Tell people you are going! Turn it into a meeting point, catch up with friends and train together. You are always more likely to keep going if you train with a friend
  2. Get your kit ready, leave a t-shirt and trainers at the door for when you get home! Put them in your car. Wherever is going to give you the biggest likelihood of using them!
  3. Stop doing things you don’t like – if a certain type of training isn’t for you, it isn’t for you. Recognise the importance of it but if you think you’d prefer to go running by yourself or go to a spin class then we will always encourage you to look into that!

How to make exercise easier

One Step at a time…

We’re not trying to say you now need to go out and train 5x a week! That would be silly. If it is something you are trying to build up slowly then start 1x a week. Spend an evening walking 5k with a friend. That might take just under an hour of your day. Eventually, you might turn it into a run/bike ride or you may just enjoy the fresh air and sense of satisfaction you get with catching up with a pal.

Hit up Westburn on a Tuesday evening or Duthie on a Wednesday, if that’s working for you then maybe throw in the occasional Thursday.

Struggling to make it along as much as you’d like? Rather than stop, try drop down to 1x a week!

You don’t need to be 100% happy 100% of the time. Yes training will be tough at times, and I guarantee you won’t enjoy every session you go to but, do the positives outweigh the negatives? Do you get more out of going then not going? If you feel like this more times than not. then it’s probably worth re-evaluating.

Chat to your trainer and tell them how you’re feeling, we always want to help!!