FAQ’s – Training in the Parks post Covid-19

We’re gearing up for being back in the parks as of next week and want it to run as smoothly as possible. Here’s some of the questions we’ve had so far. If these don’t answer you query please get in touch!

What’s the timetable going to look like? 

The timetable will be the same as it was before lockdown except we have made the difficult decision to stop the Cults bootcamps for the time being. Zoom classes will run along side the bootcamps to begin with to make sure everyone can make some kind of Rebel session. 

How long will the classes be? 

They will be at least half an hour and if that’s the case there will be 2 or 3 back to back. It depends on how many people we are allowed in a session. We want to be able to fit everyone in throughout the week. Ideally we would like them to be 45 – 60 mins but we need to make it work for everyone.

How many people will be in the classes? 

We need to wait and see what Nicola’s update is for phase 3 on Thursday. So far we know extended groups will be allowed outside, hence why we’re getting excited. If she caps it at a certain amount of households we will obviously stick to that. Otherwise, we are going to cap it at 15 people. 

What steps are we taking to make people feel safe?

Trainers will be reminding members to social distance. There will be no equipment and no partner work. There will also be no key box which means you need to bring down a bag to keep your own key safe. 

When can we book into classes? 

From Friday you should be able to book into classes. We have the timetable ready to go we’re just waiting for the go ahead from Nicola! 

How do I book into a class?

You must have the app which Tom should’ve sent you. Click on ‘book’ next to the class you would like to join. You’ll be taken to a new page, click on ‘book’ again. Then you should have a booking confirmed page on your screen.

What if the class is full? 

Then you will be put onto a waiting list. If people cancel you should automatically be added to the class. You’ll be notified about this in the app. 

What’s the cancellation policy? 

If you know you can’t make the class please cancel it 6 hours or more before the class to give others the opportunity to join.