Edinburgh Oor Wullie 10k Hunt

Edinburgh Oor Wullie Bucket Trail

Oor Wullie Bucket Trail

On Friday night Edinburgh Rebels turned down offers from colleagues for pizza and beer and took to the city centre for a 10k run. The goal was to tick off as many Oor Wullies as we could.  It was a fantastic way to see the city and got us thinking what a great way to get friends, colleagues or even the family out and about on a Friday evening. From The Meadows to Holyrood, a touch of Leith and the buzz of Princes Street here is our adventure run through Edinburgh city!

The Route

We met on Middle Meadow Walk at the Woody Oor Wullie and we headed up towards Potterow where we ticked the next one off 200m later.

Oor Wullie Edinburgh Run starting at Middle Meadow Walk

Weaving through the city centre we managed to tick off Sherlock Holmes Oor Wullie in the Quad and a few more as we found our way to Holyrood to tick off two others.

Running through the quad of Edinburgh

We then headed towards Leith via Easter Road where we got Oor Shopkeeper Wullie outside the Coop. From there it was a long ascent all the way to the top of Calton Hill. All worth it for the 5 Oor Wullies we got on route.

  all smiles for the cartoon steps to tick off two more oor wullies  Running up the stairs towards Calton hill, edinburgh

Not to mention the bonnie views of Edinburgh from the top of Calton Hill.

Top of Calton Hill for a team picture with Oor Wullie

Dodging the crowds on Princes Street it was time to get the ones on St Andrews Square. Four more ticked off, woohoo! It was really starting to feel like a treasure hunt. With around 3k to go we started to head back towards The Meadows over Waverley Bridge. As we ticked off another Oor Wullie on Cockburn St we couldn’t resist the Warriston Steps Stair sprint. We ran to the top where we immediately spotted another one across the road. This was certainly one way to take your mind off the fact we were actually on a run.

Time for the Pub!

After an hour of Wullie Hunting and 25 ticked off we were back where we’d started. We headed to the pub sweaty and full of endorphins delighted with ourselves for kickstarting the weekend in the best way possible.

Check out the Strava Route

If this is something you fancy doing you can find the route here. Our next Oor Wullie Bucket Trail is a 5k on the 9th of August. We will be meeting in Bruntsfield Links and heading towards Haymarket. Feel free to join us!