5 Apps to get you through Covid-19 & the Quarantine

completing zoom workouts online during Covid-19


Zoom is a great video conferencing app. It’s much easier to use then any we’ve ever used before as you don’t need to log in or sign up. You can just click a link to join the chat. You can get up to 100 participants and 40 minutes on the free version.

We’re running 13 Rebel classes a week from the Zoom app and it has been great to use. People can watch and join in and we get to keep an eye on them to make sure their form is good 😉 You don’t need to have your camera on though. That is a choice!

It is also easy to use so if you have any elderly relatives or people who are maybe not so tech savvy this is worth a shot!

This has been our saving grace during Covid-19!

Download here.


This is an app where you can create a learning game or trivia quiz. It means you can host a live game with questions on a big screen or share a game with remote players. All you have to do is join a kahoot with a PIN provided by the host and answer the questions on your device. It’s great fun and you are on a timer too so don’t even have time to cheat! Also a great app for the kids to use for learning. We used Kahoot for a pub quiz where the question was streamed through Zoom and we had to use our own device to answer the questions. It was great fun!

Download here.

C-19 COVID Symptom Tracker

This app is to help slow the outbreak and identify those at risk sooner. You just have to log in every day and answer two questions.

Download here.

House Party

This app is a hoot! It’s a super quick and easy way to have quick catch ups with friends & the option to play games too. They have trivia, heads up and pictionary as options. It tells you when your friends are online, who they are talking to and it gives you the option to join in on the conversation. I have never been so social before! 

Download here.

HIIT Timer

This is just a timer for your workouts. It means you don’t need to keep looking at your watch or clock. It has handy beeps so you know when to rest and when to work out again. It’s very easy to use too. 

Download here.