Gloves: The best pair to wear at Winter Bootcamp

The best addition you can make to your winter training is by getting a good pair of gloves!

No one likes cold hands and I’m not going to lie… it’s more than likely you’ll be putting your hands on the floor at boot camp.

Side note…
We do go out of our way to take the weather into account and plan a session based on conditions but that doesn’t mean you wont be on the floor… If you want to see more of the differences in Winter vs Summer Training read this blog

Cotton gloves

Just no…

We do not recommend Cotton Gloves.  The only occasion where you could maybe get away with them are if you are wearing them walking to or from boot camp, or if it’s 100% dry

You will be putting your hands on the floor and as soon as you do, they will get wet, and at that point, it would probably be warmer wearing blocks of ice on your hands.

The next step up from wet cotton gloves is no gloves… and we don’t recommend this either. It’s not pleasant… what’s also not pleasant is when you finally get back home and your fingers start to thaw out. It tingles… and not a fun kind of tingle either.

Our best recommendations for gloves:


Top Pick
Seal Skinz: Ultra Grip Knitted Glove

Known for their top-quality kit, Seal Skinz have been a firm favourite of Rebels for a long time.

Made out of real Seal Skin (not really) they are waterproof, offer great manoeuvrability and keep your hands warm!

The only thing to mention is if you have poor circulation a few members have found that their hands still can get cold. For this, we recommend a thicker pair of gloves so that you can fit a pair of thin cotton gloves underneath if needed.

They are at the more expensive end but if you shop around you can find them priced between £20 & £40. You can expect them to last you a good couple of years. I’ve had mine for 4 winters and they look a bit tattered but still work great

Look after your Seal Skinz
We recommend you look after your gloves and avoid washing them in a washing machine and drying on a radiator. This can affect the waterproof lining and cause them to last not as long. Despite this you would still probably get a few winters out of your gloves!

Where to find them
Check wiggle and amazon for best prices.


  • Waterproof
  • Not too big and cumbersome
  • Keep your hands warm
  • Will last a long time
  • Comfortable


  • Expensive
  • A few people have found that their hands still get cold


Our favourite pair for comfort, durability, warmth and waterproofness but comes at a higher price.

Skytec Gloves SKY08-L Argon Glove

These are a much cheaper alternative to the Seal Skinz! You will also find that they last a fraction of the time.

Slightly thicker than the Seal Skinz, with more padding and better grip we do find these keep your hands warmer. If circulation is an issue for you then these could be a good option.  They have a felt lining inside that keep your hands very warm! So warm that you might find your hands get a little too hot and clammy.

This leads to the main issue. When you take the gloves off you sometimes pull the lining out the fingers with it. This can make it difficult to put back on afterwards.

Apart from that, you can’t fault the gloves too much especially at the prices of £5.99. You would probably find that you can fit one Winter Season out of the gloves especially if you look after them.

Best place to find them is Amazon. There are a few different brands so let us know if you find a better quality version.


  • Waterproof
  • Keep your hands warm
  • Comfortable
  • Cheap


  • Probably won’t last the season because of the issue with the lining


Not bad quality for the price. Do a great job at keeping your hands warm and dry. Looking for a cheap pair of gloves to last for the winter season then these are a good option

Any pair of Ski / Snow gloves

If you have an old pair kicking around, then these are always a good option to wear. I wouldn’t recommend buying a brand new pair for boot camp as the brands we mentioned above will serve you much better.

They will keep your hands warm and are definitely comfy!  A couple issues with snow gloves are that your hands may get too warm and sweaty. It doesn’t make them particularly comfy to train in and while they are waterproof you often find they absorb a lot of water and get heavy and can be a pain to dry.


  • If you have an old pair they will do great to use for bootcamp
  • Comfy



  • Can be too warm

They will do the job for boot camp but if you were to go out and buy a new pair we would recommend either Seal Skinz or the Skytec / Argon gloves



Winter training is often our members a favourite time of year to train. It may not always be easy to get out and motivation may sometimes be a bit lower but we promise you won’t regret it!