Summer Training Vs Winter Training

We’ve seen the fear in your eyes as the nights get darker and the weather gets wetter and colder… but we’re here to tell you everything will be A Okay! Rebel PT are coming into our third winter of training and we have got it under control. Bootcamp sessions run at the usual time and days, but we do make some seasonal changes to the classes. This is purely to allow us to keep training, but make allowances for winter conditions.

What to Expect – Sessions will be slightly different in that we focus more on strength circuits as the ground can be quite wet and slippy for running any real distance. This means you should see improvements over winter in your strength test and it’s also a great time to really focus on your form – get those push ups onto your toes, turn those squats into squat jumps and get the chest to the floor on your burpees! Winter includes shorter distance sprint training drills and high intensity mini-circuits… yes, floor work is still there crew!

Motivation – Try and remind yourself of the benefits outdoor exercise brings you; helping with stress, making you feel good about yourself and having an abundance of energy levels are just a few! Now is the time to be setting goals and making sure you have a training schedule that works for you…  Think of all those events in 2016 you’d like to tackle as a start and let’s embrace this weather!

Safety – Trainers will adapt bootcamp sessions as required to make sure everyone stays safe.  You will notice us bringing along lights to training and we will always use the better lit areas of the park. Holes, branches or any other obstacles are clearly marked with cones for your safety too.
Check out this blog to find handy tips on what to wear!