Meet the member

This week we spoke to Althea Tindell about her Rebel-Life! Althea joined Rebel PT as a Prams in the Park member and now goes to bootcamp classes too. Our Prams in the Park classes have been going for over 3 years now and run in Duthie Park, Hazlehead Park and Banchory. You may have seen the #mumsontherun slogan on some of our events tees? This Rebel-crew are usually easily recognisable by their running companion – aka a buggy!

How long have you been a Rebel PT member?

Since February 2017 when I walked past the Prams in the park session at Duthie Park and knew straight away it was something I needed to be a part of.

Which park do you train in?

Duthie Park, I do both the Prams in the Park sessions (I take my 14 month old son) and the evening bootcamp sessions on my own. I like to call my evening training my ‘me time’ haha! #beingamum

Tell us a fun fact about you.

  1. I have more than 30 tattoos, a mild addiction!
  2. Most important… I have the same birthday as Chesney Hawkes! Although I don’t think I’m the one and only! ;)

What’s your favourite Rebel PT memory?

Definitely doing the Rebel Dubbit Dash mud run in a team with 3 other prams mums! It was such a fun day and the after party was great too! Ever since I joined Rebel PT I’ve felt such a sense of community and everyone has been so welcoming. I have made lasting friendships in both the prams sessions and the evening sessions. The prams mums in particular also like to stay back after class for coffee/tea/chats most days so not only to you get your exercise for the day but you get to hang out with great people too! (And sometimes eat cake!)

What’s your favourite exercise to do at bootcamp?

I’m going to go with any exercise where we are in teams and have to challenge the other teams! Love a bit of friendly banter to get motivated! :) #RebelLife