Help me, I’m a hungry #Rebel!

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You’ve all met Rebel-Matt, he’s one of the Trainer crew and can be found mostly at the Duthie Park #bootcamp sessions – if you want to know a bit more about Matt, check out his #RebelLife trainer profile here… in the meantime, Matt’s a bit of a fit foodie nutrition type and we asked him for some #toptips on snacking and avoiding the sugar-crash!
“We all reach that point between meals where we get hungry and start looking for a snack, I work hard to think of it less as “not giving into temptation” but of being able to make the smartest choices when that hunger kicks in. My #toptip for the Rebel PT crew is preparation. Eating is the easy part, but we’re not good at making smart in-the-moment decisions that benefit us in the long run, when we’re hungry. That’s why having a plan of attack is so important! Having a little flowchart in your mind can be pretty helpful when thinking about food for the day ahead. For example “when I get hungry I will eat insert name of yummy healthy snack here”, this will give you a much clearer idea of what to do when hunger strikes, rather than “when I get hungry I’ll grab biscuits from the office biscuit tin”. We may be Rebels, but we’re not super-human and by mid-afternoon willpower is running low for most of us, if we know what our snacking strategy (Mattism…) is early on in the day, then that’s one less thing we have to think about later… #winningatlife
Here’s a few things you can do to help with that middle-of-the-day-snack-attack:
Prepare the night before! The beauty of a snack is that they don’t need a lot of effort to get right… I’ve listed some of my favourites for you to try:
Dark chocolate: 80% and above is the sweet-spot (no pun intended) to aim for, naturally bitter and low in sugar makes a square or two of this stuff a good appetite suppressant.
Nuts: almonds, walnuts, hazelnuts, cashews, macadamias. Buy a bulk bag of these (ideally unsalted and unroasted) and make your own mix in a tub or freezer/ziploc bag. Sprinkle a LITTLE sea salt/some cinnamon/chili powder and #boom. (P.S I tend to avoid peanuts as these are technically not a nut and not nearly as nutritionally dense as the others listed above…)
Fruit: Apples, melon, kiwi fruits are fruits high in water content and easy choices. Try to keep intake of dried fruit including raisins, sultanas, dried apricots etc in check as these are very high in sugar and think about throwing a small handful of raisins into the nut mix for a little sweetness.
Boiled eggs: the perfect portable snack! These really are ideal for when you’re out and need a quick protein fix – boil a few the night before (don’t peel them yet) and put them in a small bag with kitchen roll.
Carrots with hummus. A standard Matt- favourite.
Ham rolled with cottage cheese in the middle.
Porridge: can be ready in minutes and if you avoid the pre-sweetened store versions this makes a filling snack. Get plain and add your own toppings, I like desiccated coconut on mine. #belikeMatt
By putting a few simple items into your bag or doing some simple prep during the week, you will have some great options to hand for when that pre-workout Rebel hunger strikes!”
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