Do it in December

December is looking pretty epic! Not only because it’s Christmas and everything that entails, but we have loads of Rebel-stuff going on too – 5k-a-day, the Rebel PT Xmas Holiday challenge (coming soon), the Rebel PT Trilogy (training sessions over the holidays), Urban Orienteering and our very own Santa run! When talking to you guys about all the #RebelLife extras, the answer is always the same “let’s just do it”.

So “do it in december”?  Simple. Little tips to make you feel like you are doing it in December!

You know that feeling when you’ve had your 3rd helping of turkey, 5th profiterole, 13th chocolate and that 3rd glass of bubbly and feel like you are going to pop but you go outside and walk to the second lamppost and back and may as well have won an Olympic medal. That’s the do it in December feeling.

Our aim is to get you to January without feeling like you’ve turned into a quality street, sharing the #RebelLife hacks that will help keep you coming to bootcamp, keep you running / walking / cycling / swimming whatever you like to do!

We aren’t going to ask you to dodge your 3rd helping of turkey, 5th profiterole, 13th chocolate or that 3rd glass of bubbly; because we won’t be… but we think it could be good to do some of these things alongside some really cool outdoor adventures or simple #RebelLife exercises that will help keep you feeling like you are all over “do it in December”.

We started a list, that looks like this:

  • Favourite place to visit / run / walk / explore
  • What Christmas things are going on?
  • Favourite family walk?
  • Hangover advice
  • Smoothie Ideas
  • Favourite mini workout / home circuit
  • Best advert exercise? (for example hold the plank for 60 seconds during the adverts of Home Alone)

What would you add to the list?

And if you want some motivation, advice, help, then message us and keep an eye on our Facebook, Instagram and Twitter too. #DoItInDecember