All about the #RebelLife Buff

a rebel pt buff t keep your neck warm and help you at taekwondo

We’ve been looking out the buffs to start handing out next month. Congratulations to all those who are surviving another winter and welcome to those who’s first winter it is… they get easier, I promise… Make sure you head along to training for the last few weeks of the year to collect your Christmas Survival Guide and new buff. Mostly it was a way of saying thank you for your awesome efforts but here’s a little more info on what the buffs are all about!

So, what’s the deal with the multi-coloured buffs?

Rebel PT was just over 4 years old when we decided to introduce the #RebelLife buff.  Our community was getting bigger and bigger, and we wanted to firstly, reward you guys for your amazing training and event efforts and also be able to help our #RebelLife community get to know each other better and quicker! “Hey newbie” or “hey old timer” opening lines used at your own risk..

Why different colours?

Like a badge of honour, each colour buff represents a different number of years as a Rebel – or jail sentence, depending on how hard your trainer worked you at that particular bootcamp!

0 – white

1-2 orange

2-3 purple

3-4 dark grey

4-5 blue

5-6 red

6-7 pink

But I want more than one!

The generic-black-badass-Rebel-buffs are available to buy for £8 via our online shop.

What do I with it?

Wear it to bootcamp or events anyway you like, take a #Rebelselfie, share it on our social pages using #Rebel4Life and feel epic!

Make sure you check out our Christmas timetable to keep up to date with what we have planned over the Xmas period.